Get Hooked On Webhooks!

Today we've added long requested Webhooks to our API. Webhooks allow us to notify you about actions that occur within Qflow. We've started off with the most important one 'Guest check-in' but more will follow.

When a guest checks in on the app, we'll automatically notify you. We will post the following information as JSON; Id, Tags, Email, Barcode, LastName, FirstName and Admitted fields.

    "Id" : "guid",
    "Tags" : "string",
    "Email" : "string",
    "Barcode" : "string",
    "LastName" : "string",
    "FirstName" : "string",
    "Admitted" : "datetime"

To enable webhooks simple add the URL you'd like us to POST to, that's it!


If you need more information or help either read through our documentation or contact us at


The Qflow Team